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Bank Account of DLU

1.Official RMB Account of Dali Uinversity

Account Name: 大理大學 (Dali University)

Account Opening Bank: 中國建設銀行大理古城支行 (China Construction Bank, Gucheng sub Branch,Dali, Dali Bai Aut.Prefecture, Yunnan Province)

Account Number: 53001716044051001465

2.Official USD Account of Dali Uinversity

Account Name: Dali University

Account Opening Bank:Dali Branch, Bank of China, YUNNAN, P. R. CHINA


Account Number: 135606439088

Contact: +86-872-2134324


* The above English version is just for your reference. Please do make sure if the Chinese information is matched during transaction.

* The student needs to clearly mark his or her personal information during the payment: roll number and name, otherwise the money will not be received by the University. 

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