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Admission Guide for international students on Yunnan Government Scholarship Dali University 2021-2022


Admission Guide for international students on

 Yunnan Government Scholarship

Dali University 2021-2022


The application for International students on Yunnan Provincial Government Scholarship (YGS) is now available at Dali University. Find the following guide and requirement for the admission:

I. Qualifications

1. An applicant must be non-Chinese national, in good health and meet the requirement of "Health Screening and Admission Criteria for Foreign Students Studying in China"; should be of good moral character, who will obey Chinese laws and regulations, university rules and disciplines, who will respect Chinese social customs.

2. The Scholarship will be available for Chinese Language preparatory, Undergraduate, and postgraduate (Master) applicants. A Chinese Language preparatory and undergraduate applicant should hold a Diploma or Certification of high school (or other equivalent) and shall be over 18 and less than 25 years old. A postgraduate (Master) degree applicant should hold a bachelor degree and shall be less than 35 years old.

3. Applicants from South and Southeast Asian countries or the countries along‘The Belt the Road’ will be given the priority.

4. In principle, the applicant's Chinese proficiency is required to reach HSK 4, except for Chinese Language preparatory applicants.

II. Application Procedure

1. Deadline of Application: June 20, 2021

2. Applications are required to complete online procedures at Dali University international student service system:


III. scolarship policy

The scholarship policy shall be referred to the standard published by Yunnan Provincial Department of Education 

IV. Documents to Submit

YGS application form (provided on the Dali University website)

A notarial copy of Diploma or Certification (A graduate can provide a Provisional Certificate/Study Certificate)

A notarial copy of Transcripts

Master degree applicant shall provide No less than two Reference Letters recommended by professor/associate professor

A personal statement (Not less than 500 words), including study/research plan, family background, awards and merits.

Non Criminal Records

A notarial copy of valid HSK Certificate(No need for preparatory applicants)

A copy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form

A copy of valid passport

*All the documents and Notarization documents required above should be in Chinese or English.

V. Admission and Notificaiton

1. Application Reviewing will be conducted for selection of candidates, by Dali University on the basis of the applicant's materials, GPA, language proficiency and entrance examination (If necessary) and submitted to Yunnan Provincial Department of Education. Qualified applicants, who succeed in the assessment, would be admitted.

2. Admitted students shall be given Admission Notice, Application form for Study in China (JW202) and Enrollment Guide. Admitted students may apply for the study visa from Chinese embassy or consulate, and register at Dali University only when the Chinese National Immigration Administration releases the policy to free the borderline, during COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Admitted students can not apply for a transfer or a change of major and study period.

4. Online registration will be notified separately during the COVID-19 pandemic. Scholarship will not be retained for the candidates who cannot register before the given deadline without being permitted.

VI. Enrollment, Graduation and Degree

1. As required in the given Admission Notice, admitted students must register at Dali University campus or online on time. Annual assessment will be conducted every year for all the scholarship students, according to the relevant regulations of YGS. Students succeeded in the annual assessment can be eligible to hold the scholarship continuously next year. Diploma and Degree will be given and awarded to the qualified students who succeed the academic study and fulfilled the requirement of relevant rules in Dali University within the given time.

VII. Contact

International Students Admission, Dali University

Contact:Mr. Lyu

Tel: +86-872-221-8978

Fax: +86-872-221-8979

E-mail:binghang_lyu@163.com ; escis@dali.edu.cn

Web: http://www.dd86138.com

圖片1.pngOfficial Wechat:

*The final interpretation of Admission for YGS shall be reserved to Dali University. Any change, please refer to the official notice from Dali University.

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