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2021 Chinese New Year Greetings to International Students on Campus


2021 Chinese New Year Greetings to International Students on Campus



Dali University celebrated the Chinese New Year and the warm greetings were extended to all international students staying on campus during the 2021 winter vacation.  On the afternoon of Feb.10, when the traditional Chinese New Year was approaching, the ceremony of Dali University’s 2021 New Year Greetings to International Students staying on campus was held in Xintu Lecture Hall of Xiaguan Campus. Mr. Duan Lin, Chairman of the University Committee, Vice Presidents Duan Lihua and Chen Benhui, and Madam Lu Lihong, member of the University Committee and Chair if the University Hospital, attended the event. Vice president Duan Lihua held the activity. The leaders and teachers of related colleges in charge of international students and all the staffs of Education and Service Center for International Students participated in the activity.






Ever since 2005, every year at this occasion, the university prepared a sumptuous New Year's Eve dinner for the international students staying on campus. Due to the epidemic of COVID 19, to ensure everyone's safety, the university changed a way to express the care and blessings this year. As for the pandemic, 134 international students from 15 countries and 9 colleges were unable to return home during this winter vacation. Although they could not go back to their own countries to be with their families, the university prepared delicate gifts, exquisite Chinese New Year greeting cards and Red Envelops for the Chinese New Year to express the greetings and blessings.


Mr. Duan Lin addressed to the international students about their study and living on campus during the holidays, and reminded everyone to persist in the prevention of the epidemic. He also stressed to strictly follow the principle of “Do not go out of university unless necessary”, and to develop goodliving habits to ensure personal health and safety. He also hoped that all the international students can turn the Uni's concern into motivation towards study, to make a full and meaningful vacation plan, to exercise well while studying hard, to better balance work and rest, and to contact the family members often. At the same time, each of student staying on campus should strictly abide by the epidemic prevention and control rules and the university’s discipline, to adhere to the daily health reporting and personal protection, to pay attention to personal and property safety, and to have a safe and peaceful Chinese New Year at University, hence to relieve the worries of the family and the university.

Looking back at 2020, the epidemic has brought unprecedented challenges to human beings. However, in the face of the epidemic, China and the rest of the world have worked together to fight against the epidemic, demonstrating the national sentiment of the Chinese people and the love of the mankind around the world to help each other. At present, the situation of the epidemic is still severe, and most of the international students of DLU are unable to return the campus for the time being, but in the past year, we saw the determination of all the international students of DLU to study hard despite the difficulties. We believe that in the near future, when the flowers bloom in spring, we will meet again.

“Only in hard times can courage and perseverance be manifested, only after polishing can a piece of jade be finer.” No matter where you are, we are expressing our most sincere greetings and best wishes to all of you around the world, wishing all of international DLUers and family members peace and health!











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