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An online opening ceremony for Batch 2020 international students has been successfully held by Dali University


An online opening ceremony for Batch 2020 international students has been successfully held by Dali University


Due to COVID 19 pandemic, the international students cannot travel to campus. On September 18, 2020, the Opening Ceremony for 2020 DLU international Students was successfully held through Ding Talk live broadcast,and more than 130 freshmen participated in online. This is the first time that we adopted the way of online live broadcast to hold the Opening Ceremony since Dali University startedinternational students programs.




The online Opening Ceremony was hosted by Vice President Duan Lihua. He introduced the leaders and guests attending the ceremony to the freshmen, and on behalf of the University, he expressed sincere welcome toall the 2020 international students.


Mr. Duan Lin, the Chairman of the Univeristy Committee, delivered a speech. He introduced the history, the development and the internationalization ofDali University.Mr. Duan Lin said that the epidemic made the new students of 2020 more unique and he hoped they could overcome the difficulties and be more determined in their study journey under the worldwide epidemic context. Finally, Mr. Duan Lin instructed the new students to abide by the Chinese laws and the University’s regulations and rules, to cherish the time, to strengthen self-management, to adapt to online study as soon as possible, to take the initiative to cope with the challenges, and successfully complete all the study tasks in the new semester. He firmly believes that in the near future, all the freshmen will meet inDali Universitysurrouned by the beautiful Cangshang Mountains and Erhai Lake.



Ms. Zhou Ping from the College of ChineselanguageandLiterature spoke as’therepresentative of teachers of the University. First of all, she congratulated the freshmen of 2020 for their admission. Then,she advisedthe freshmen toenrich their study life from the aspects of"first step", study plan making, Chineselanguage learning and understanding Chinese culture etc. At the same time, she also made demands on the freshmen, hoping that they would ensure communication with teachers and classmates, cherish their study time, participate in online teaching on time, follow theattendance discipline and study deligently. She said that although the epidemic had stopped seeing each other, the teachers of Dali University were ready to teach online and would never slacken. All teachers would prepare each lesson more carefully and make flexible design and adjustment according to the online


Phyu Thant Kyifrom Myanmar spoke as a representative of the new students. She expressed her love for China and Dali University, and also expressed her aspiration and expectation for the future study life on behalf of all the international students. At last, she said she would overcome difficulties and attend every class regularly.  


The spatial distance did not diminish the enthusiasm at all, and the teachers and students across the screen had positive and pleasant interactions, which greatly brought the psychological distance between teachers and students and enhanced the feelings between them. The nearly one-hour Opening Ceremony collected 24,245 thumb-ups, and all participants online and offline fully felt the enthusiasm and the expectation of the international students from all over the world for their future study abroad.


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