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DLU 2020 International Students’Graduation Ceremony


On October 22, the Graduation Ceremony of 2020 International Students was solemnly held in the University’s hospital.


16 undergraduates graduated. Among them, 4 were awarded Certificate for Excellent Graduates.


Chairman Duan Lin, Delivering a warm speech

Duan Lin, Chairman of DLU’s Committee, delivered a speech. He extended warm congratulations to the graduates. He said that as in such a special graduation season, the COVID-19 epidemic has brought great changes to everyone's study and life, as well as the graduation. Two teams of medical staffs of the University hospital travelled successively to Hubei Province to guard the safety of each family. Former graduates  fighting in the first line of anti-epidemic in their home countries have interpreted the responsibility of DLU, which set good examples for international students. Mr. Duan Lin wishes that all international students would maintain the precious spirit to fight against difficulties and challenges. He hopesthat the 2020 international graduates would work hard, pursue life-long learning and create a better future for themselves and for their countries.

Mr. Duan Lin calls on the international students to keep “Great Virtue for Good, Wide learning for Truth” in mind, and to continue learning to be a person with great moral quality, a respectable doctor with professional skills and a friendship ambassador, and also keep close contact with DLU and Chinese friends to build a bridge of friendship for the cooperation between China and their home countries.


“I wish all of you to see yourselves as good ambassadors of this college and never allow selfish interest to blemish the integrity you have nurtured over the years in this great college. Be kind and useful to people you meet on your way up. Allow the words of God to guide you as your journey to greatness. Think big and be optimistic about whatever you are doing.”

Dr. Chen Yiming, teacher representative from the College of Clinical Medicine, shared his insights on dreams, perseverance and life. In his address, he encourages all the international graduates to work as medical students, physicians, and surgeons in the future and to remember to cure sometime, to relieve often, and to comfort always to the patients, regardless of their nationalities, wealth and characters.



“Today, we are graduating seniors, and thus summer or fall, many of us will be starting at those entry-level jobs that will be the beginning of our careers. Some of us will begin graduate school, once again on the bottom of rung of the ladder. But thanks to everything we have learned so far, I am confident. We will keep climbing as if we are on an endless ladder to height’s we have never achieved before. For, that reason, I urge you to make sure that you are on the ladder on which you genuinely WANT TO BE remember that it is YOUR LIFE.”

Vashisth Manoj Kumar shared his experience of studying in DLU, expressed his gratitude and love for DLU and extended her best wishes as well.


Announcement of decisions for granting degrees


Presenting a gift to every student


After the announcement of decisions for granting degrees, Prof. Wanghua, President of DLU granted degrees certificates to the graduates.




President Wang Hua, degree granting for graduates




The Hippocratic Oath


Dr. Shi limin from the College of Clinical Medical led all the graduates to take the Hippocratic Oath.


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