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1. An applicant must be non-Chinese national, in good health and meet the requirement of "Health Screening and Admission Criteria for Foreign Students Studying in China".

2. An applicant should be of good moral character, who will obey Chinese laws and regulations, university rules and disciplines, and who will respect Chinese social customs.

3. A bachelor degree applicant should hold a Diploma or Certification of high school (or other equivalents) and shall be over 18 and less than 25 years old. A master degree applicant should hold a bachelor degree and shall be less than 35 years old.

4. An applicant should have one of the nationalities of Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and hold the legal passport accordingly.


Application Procedure

1. Deadline for Application: October 15, 2020

2. Applications are required to complete online procedures at Dali University international student service system (www.dd86138.com).

3. Documents to submit:

l A copy of valid passport

l A notarial copy of Diploma or Certification (A graduate can provide a Provisional Certificate/Study Certificate)

l A notarial copy of Transcripts

l A personal statement (Not less than 800 words) written in Chinese or English, including study/research plan, family background, awards and merits.

l Non criminal records certificate

l A copy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form written in Chinese or English. This form should be only valid for 6 month.

l A notarial copy of valid HSK Certificate (A must for courses in Chinese medium). An applicant should pass HSK4 for majors in Sciences and HSK5 for majors in Arts, and the score should be no less than 180. Excellent applicants, who fail to pass the corresponding Chinese proficiency test (HSK) before applying, will be able to apply for one-year Chinese language training, during which they can be offered to a full scholarship. A copy of valid certification of English Language ability (A must for courses in English Medium).

l Master degree applicant shall provide No less than two Reference Letters recommended by a professor/associate professor.


*All the documents and Notarization documents required above should be in Chinese or English.


Admission and Notificaiton 

1. Application Reviewing will be conducted for selection of candidates, by Dali University on the basis of the applicant's documents, GPA, language proficiency. Qualified applicants would be admitted on merit-based enrolment.

2. The exact date of registration will be informed by Dali University according to the regulation and requirement on COVID-19 pandemic issued by Chinese Government.



1. The standard duration of undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses are 4 to 5 years and 2 to 3 years respectively, which can be extended to 8 years and 5 years respectively. However, a student fails to complete the study within the standard duration cannot hold the scholarship in the extended years.   

2. The standard duration of Chinese language study is one academic year. A student fails to pass HSK and promote to major study within the year can apply for the self-funded study on extra language courses and regaining the scholarship after passing HSK and join the major courses.


Scholarship policy

1. Tuition, Registration, Internship and laboratory fees: covered

2. Accommodation: covered

3. 800-RMB Monthly subsidy provided for 10-12 months a year.

4. Insurance, textbook, physical check-up, visa and other study-related cost will NOT be covered by the scholarship.



1. The scholarship students must study at Dali University fulltime, and shall obey rules and regulations of Dali University in International Students Handbook. Study, research and thesis writing are generally required to be completed on campus. Transferring is NOT allowed. Travelling including back home, gathering the information for research and Internship during the semester are only permitted on the special circumstance but should be approved by the Professors, Colleges, and Education & Service Center for International Students. Discipline violators or disproved leavers would be deprived qualification as a scholarship student.

2. Annual assessments will be conducted every academic year for all the scholarship students. Students succeed in the annual assessment are eligible to hold the scholarship in the coming year.


Graduation and Degree

Diploma and Degree will be given and awarded to the qualified students who succeed the academic study and fulfilled the requirement of relevant rules in Dali University within the given time.



Mr. Silver and Ms. Niko

Education & Service Center for International Students

Dali University

No.2 Hongsheng Road, Dali, Yunnan 671003


Telephone: +86-872-221-8978

Fax: +86-872-221-8979

E-mail: binghang_lyu@163.com (Silver)

       nikokouu@163.com (Niko)

Website: www.dd86138.com

Wechat Official Account:



*The final interpretation of this admission guide shall be reserved to Dali University. Any change, please refer to the official notice from Dali University. 

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